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Well, it sure has been a busy few weeks here at the pub! We’ve been busy filling, capping, stacking, and labeling many, many bottles and are finally ready to formally announce that our bottle shop is open. The last two weekends we’ve been sort-of “soft launching” the shop, but now, after a seemingly endless week of filling (along with our normal brewing, cleaning, drinking, serving, cooking, and… oh yah, sleeping sometimes) we’re ready to formally launch this Friday April 29, 2016.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been getting loads of good questions about our shop! When is it open? Who does the art for our labels? What beer is being bottled next? And many other things. So, today we’re going to answer a few things.

 Brewer Chris here to answer your questions! - Photo by  Lauren Richard
Brewer Chris here to answer your questions! – Photo by Lauren Richard

First, our shop hours correspond to our pub hours exactly with the exception that the bottle shop has to be shut at eleven at night due to liquor laws. That means the bottle shop is open Tuesday to Friday from four to eleven and on weekends from one to eleven. We’re playing with those hours still and might push the weekend opening earlier depending on if we find we can keep up.

Speaking of keeping up! We probably don’t need to remind you all that we’re a pretty small brewpub and, as a result of that, we don’t have the most beer around for accounts, bottles, and our own tap lines. In fact, we’ve run out of beer both weekends we’ve offered bottles. Yay! That’s great! Thank you! Prayer hands emoji! But, at the same time, we want to make sure all you folks can get our beer to take home whenever you want… so running out is kind of crummy too.

Right now here is how our bottle shop will work. We will restock every Friday with all the beer for that week (there’ll be more beer than you can see in our shop fridge … we’re keeping the rest cold for you in our walk-in). Ideally that will feature some beloved core brands (Flemish Cap, Inkhorn, Praxis, Imposter Syndrome) as well as a few one-offs or seasonal beers. We’ll try to keep you posted via social media about what we’re stocked with and our supply levels from the Friday resupply, with the goal of making it to the next Friday without running out. If we keep running out, think of the shop as a pop-up that opens every Friday until it runs out. We will, however, always have bottles on Friday and (unless you’re all very thirsty) into Saturday and Sunday.

Now, how about that art? We convinced the amazing Ilana Van Zyl (who has her art displayed on our pub walls) to illustrate and design our labels. We think they’re amazing and unique, featuring aspects of the beer’s story or just a badass unicorn. It’s like the old saying, either have a good story or a badass unicorn with ink dripping from its horn. That’s what my mother used to say, anyway.

So, what’s in the shop this Friday?

We’ve got Imposter Syndrome, Praxis, and Flemish Cap from the core brands (See how they now have individual pages with details about the naming?!).

We’re also launching our newest Rhizome. Our Rhizome series is a rye-farmhouse ale fermented with Escarpment Lab’s “Fruit Bomb” blend that (almost) always uses two different hops. This one is Rhizome: Jarrylo/Belma. Check out the beer page for full deets. It’s on tap at the pub now, FYI!

And, finally, we’ve got a brand new one-off beer. Saudade is another American Farmhouse Ale, though this one is using Pilsner and Munich malts and a bunch of fun German Hüll Melon hops. If you haven’t tried these hops, then you’re in for a treat. They have an interesting, soft melon character with a lot of different ripe fruit vibes you might not expect in this kinda farmhouse ale. Saudade is also being tapped at the pub at four on Friday and we’ll have a bunch of bottles in the shop.

We’re super pleased to finally have the bottle shop up and running and overwhelmed by the warm response of our friends, fans, and neighbours. As the weather keeps warming up we’re both excited and nervous about what the summer holds for our scrappy little shop. Keep an eye out for some new merch soon too!


The Folly Team

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