Its been too long!

Why… hello there! Sorry, apologies, and pardons. It’s just, you know, busy running a little brewery and restaurant. 
Time to break the radio silence! Here are some new beers and things we’ve been figuring out!

(First thing!) Holiday Parties!

We still have some dates available for your staff/client appreciation parties!  We offer private and semi-private reservations, but these dates tend to fill up quickly. Be sure to email michelle[at]follybrewing[dot]com with your enquiries today! 

(Second thing!) New things for sale!

We’ve just received our toques and trucker caps, adding to the lineup that already includes our t-shirts and hoodies! They’re already selling, and at $12 and $15 respectively, they won’t last long! Get yours before they’re gone! Oh! And a reminder! Toques can be used as a makeshift stocking full of a four pack of Folly beers.

(Third, more beery, thing!) Releases! 

What you really want to know! Follow along with us on this crazy calendar release of beers!  You don’t want to miss one of these limited bottlings, so be sure to create a calendar of your own!
We have been waiting (perhaps slightly impatiently) to share these lovelies with you all. We hope you enjoy drinking them.

Third Smile, November 11 (tap and bottle)

The labels are en-route!  This lovely bottle comes in a 750mL green bottle format. Now, we know how some of you feel about green bottles, but we love that classic slight hint of light struck in saisons.  These precious few Buckwheat Farmhouse Ales are meant to be stored in a cool, dark place (your fridge would be the perfect place), and are ready to drink! It will also be returning to our tap line on November 11. They have been warm conditioned, so they may foam a little (but not over) when opening.

The name is inspired from the Ingmar Bergman classic (do go watch it) Smiles of A Summer Night. There is a Shakespearean type fool that creates structure for the second act of the film, and explains the summer night has three smiles:

First Smile. “For the young lovers.” (That was our raspberry sour from June!)
Second Smile. “For the clowns, the fools, the unredeemable.” (Our Hallertau Blanc dry hopped tart saison from the summer!)
Third Smile. “For the sad, the depressed, the sleepless, the confused, and the lonely.”

Now that sad thing is a catchy marketing line if we’ve ever heard one! It’s brewed with buckwheat, fermented with saison yeast and brettanomyces claussenii, and barrel fermented. Classic, stately funk.

Aux Sables, November 18 (bottle, on tap now)

This beer will come in a standard 500mL size, with our new gorgeous reserve label wrap.  A most-excellent beer for this extended autumn weather we are having, and it can definitely hang out for a couple of months if you want to warm yourself once Canada’s winter chill sets in.  Currently also available on tap. 

We love paying homage to the places we are from, and this one comes from owner Michelle’s youth. Aux Sables is now spelled Ausable. Ausable River was originally known as Rivière Aux Sables (the sandy river). It is a beautiful river that starts near Staffa, Ontario, and reaches Lake Huron near Port Franks, Ontario (getcher maps out, kids!). 

This is a shorter term barrel aged beer primary fermented with our house brettanomyces claussenii strain then aged two months in a former Southbrook barrel with the brettanomyces strains from Escarpment Labs New World Saison blend. It’s a base of flaked rye and wheat with golden naked oats and munich malts for a beautiful, orangey colour. Light funk, oak, vanilla, and orange pith can be found in the nose. Lightly hopped with French Strisselspalt, this is a pure expression of brettanomyces. The combination of oaky vanilla and juicy brettanomyces orange pith make it a bit like a more adult creamsickle.

Motivated Reasoning, November 11 (tap), November 18th (bottle)

We’re releasing a fun new hybrid style which we’re calling a Farmhouse DIPA. The name: Motivated Reasoning. You could probably also call it a dry hopped farmhouse golden ale, but the gist is that it’s a mixed fermentation, peppery and dry super saison brewed with loads of oats and both hopped and dry hopped with a whack of Citra and Columbus. Leaning towards those New England vibes with our classic funky twist. Oh, yah, it’s 8.5% too so it packs a wallop.

It’s got this cool orange and pineapple juicy character underlined by some more ripe fruity funk and bright peppery finish. Motivated Reasoning is, technically, when your own biases affect your decision making. While most famously used to explain the actions of Dreyfus Affair (a classic example of letting prejudices effect investigating military spy hunting), we’re taking it to show our attempt to brew an IPA but still ending up with a weirdo farmhouse ale.

Tibb’s Eve, November 25 (bottles and tap)    Pre-order November 12!

Our super special Christmas Bière de Nöel! It’s a Belgian-inspired Quadruple base, barrel fermented, and spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and fresh orange peel. This one is still finishing up its residency in a wine barrel, so ABV and exact tasting notes will follow, but trust us, it’s big and not-too-spicy and perfect for the holidays.

The name is from our brewers’ home of Newfoundland where it’s tradition to go out and drink (often too much) with friends on December 23rd before nestling in with family for the next three days. Some say Tibb’s Eve is the best day of the whole season! So try both the tradition and the beer this year!

**NOTE: This beer will be available for pre-sale as of November 12.  No more than 12 bottles per person.  Bottles will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis (we are aware of the constraints of orders coming in while we are offline, so we may sadly need to send some cancellation orders if that happens).  Bottles need to be picked up between November 25 and December 1. Any bottles not picked up by that time will be released for general purchase in our bottle shop. No exceptions. No pre-payment. Reservation details will be available no later than 2pm on Friday, November 11. 

Flemish Cap Reserve, December 2 (bottles only)

One of the odd things about being a farmhouse brewpub is time. Brewpubs thrive on fresh beer poured just meters from where it was brewed. But the whole Farmhouse thing is slower and more complicated. That’s one of the reasons we’ve got more oak fermentation space than stainless!

Anyway, our trusty old world saison is a perfect example how time can change a beer. Leave a bottle of Flemish Cap to age for a month or two and the residual brettanomyces will change that lemony brightness to a more complex orange peel and funk character. It’s the same, but different. We tire of pointing out this magic trick of time, so we’ve aged out some Flemish Cap for all of you that we’ll be selling in our new reserve label as Flemish Cap Reserve.

That’s a lot when you write it all out! Goodness. Stay tuned for the return of our winter seasonal brett porter, Little Barasway, as well as a very special mid-winter event where we’ll have the Imperial version, Great Barasway. And another beer we’re calling Cute Aggression. And a fermented peach farmhouse ale. And the return of our Kallipolis tripel. And, well, enough for now. Cheers!


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