My Folly Valentine

Look, we love the upcoming holiday of Valentine’s Day as much as anyone. What’s not to love about love and flowers and chocolates and all that mushy joy? But while, at least since Chaucer (full disclosure: we just wikipedia’d that), Valentine’s Day has been about romantic love, we think it’s time to reevaluate the day.

We mean, what about the good old fashioned, goofy, silly love of spending time with friends drinking beer and chatting and maybe watching a stupid action movie? What about foolish love? As much as we need romantic love, in the state of the world today we could all do with some more simple, foolish love of the silliness and absurdity of life.

So this Valentine’s Day we’re hosting Not Another Valentine. Our own Folly Valentine’s Day, where we’re going to put on some silly action and comedy movies and drink some beers with friends. And what beer could be better than one we’ve brewed specially for the day?

On the Friday before Valentine’s Day we’ll be releasing our special Funny Valentine Tart Pale Ale (5.5%) at the pub and in the shop. It’s a slightly tart pale ale that we dry hopped with loads of mosaic hops making for a fun, grapefruity ale without the addition of any fruit. This is the latest in a bit of a different take on mixed fermentation that we’re excited to share with you all.

So come join us in celebrating friendship, fun, and foolish love this Valentine’s Day. Let’s share some spritzy and crisp citrusy pale ale and some silly movies and celebrate our Folly Valentines.

The Folly Team

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